Resume app

Internal resume application to be filled by consultants in order to generate the appropriate type of resume depending on clients needs.

Users and administrators complained about the interface of this application for years. I interviewed key-users & management, created prototypes, made user-testing sessions and then managed the backlog for the development team.


Internal project (@Agilepartner)


  • UX designer
  • UI designer


  • Concepts
  • Prototypes
  • User interfaces
  • User-testing scenarios & reports
  • Backlog


  • Figma
  • VSCode (HTML/CSS/Js)
  • Azure DevOps (Backlog & Kanban board)
  • HotJar (user testing recording)

One of the multiple input screens users complain about

HotJar recording video of a user testing session

Final screen after several adjustments, thanks to final users feedbacks